The vision and mission of Transpora

We transport construction logistics into the digital age

Our vision

The vision of the founders of Transpora is to digitize construction vehicle dispatching in the area of small, heavy and special transports by means of existing and new technologies. By digitizing and optimizing tried-and-tested, analog dispatching processes, shippers should be able to reduce their internal workload in the area of process efficiency and forwarding companies should be able to reduce their empty runs. By doing so, Transpora creates a unique ecosystem consisting exclusively of winners. By reducing empty runs, freight forwarders can offer shippers optimal transport prices without sacrificing quality in terms of punctuality, safety and integrity of the freight - because Transpora only accepts quality-tested freight forwarders with the relevant industry experience.

Our mission

Using our web-based cloud application, with access to the largest shipper and carrier network in Switzerland, Transpora's digital dispatching solution can be deployed on any device with a web browser and internet access, at any size of business. This makes our solution ideal for truck drivers who organize the transport as well as the transport itself. Due to the role and authorization-based web application, Transpora's digital dispatching solution can also be optimally used in medium and large companies. Using our standardized yet flexible tender assistant, small, heavy and special transports can be organized in less than a minute. In just a few minutes, they receive initial transport offers from quality-checked forwarding companies - they themselves decide which transport offer they want to choose. Transpora's scheduling solution keeps them informed of all activities throughout the entire process and automatically creates all relevant documents when a transport tender is awarded.

Together we are efficient

With the support of our transport management solution, we help construction companies, construction equipment dealers and rental companies to quickly find a suitable transport in their area. The carriers benefit from an extended market knowledge and can acquire additional transports if required, thus reducing the costs for empty runs to a minimum.

Together we are transparent

By registering in our Transport Management solution, our customers do not incur any costs. The transport management solution offers construction companies, construction equipment dealers and rental companies the possibility to compare the offers of a large number of carriers and to book the most optimal transport. The carriers benefit from an unrestricted insight into all occurring small, heavy and special transports in Switzerland.

Together we are good value

Due to the free choice of the most optimal transport, our customers only incur costs for the successful procurement of a small, heavy or special transport for the use of the transport management solution. At the same time, Transpora's solution reduces the costs of internal efforts to an absolute minimum and guarantees our customers an ideal price/performance ratio.

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